Grand Hotel episode 8 preview: Danny’s big discovery

Grand Hotel episode 3Grand Hotel episode 8 is coming to ABC in one week’s time and, per the latest indications, this will be an important hour.

Schedule-wise, it’s worth noting that this is going to be the first episode airing opposite of Bachelor in Paradise rather than The Bachelorette. Is that going to hurt the show in terms of its ratings? At least for now, we’re assuming that the answer there is “not so much.” The ratings have been fairly steady for most of this season, so we like to think that this is just a sign that viewers are watching this show because they like it and not because they’re just forgetting to turn their TVs off. There’s also a chance that Bachelor in Paradise draws similar ratings to The Bachelorette and there is nothing to worry about there either.

As for what’s going on in terms of the story, this is something to be excited about given the drama with Danny and Alicia. What Danny learns in Grand Hotel episode 8 could alter his relationship with her, but also have him questioning a lot of other stuff at the same time.

Below, CarterMatt has the official Grand Hotel episode 8 synopsis with some other information as to what’s coming up:

The Mendozas begin to recover after an accident disturbs the family, and Danny discovers a bombshell that would jeopardize his relationship with Alicia.

So while Danny is going to be looking to sort through the latest rubble in his life, you’re going to see elsewhere a situation of recovery or at least dealing with the aftermath. Since we are closing in on the end of the season, what Danny learns in this episode is going to be far from the end of the drama. More revelations are going to be revealed and the impact on the story at large and the greater world could be immeasurable. Or, at least that’s what we are hoping. We want fireworks! It’s the best way to get people talking as the hotel’s fate and these characters’ central mysteries start to wrap up.

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