‘The New Normal’ spoilers: More on Matt Bomer’s appearance

It was not that long ago that we scooped that Matt Bomer was going to be paying a visit to “The New Normal,” the second Ryan Murphy production that he has been a part of in the past year. However, what we did not say at that time was what sort of role exactly the actor was going to be playing alongside the likes of Justin Bartha and Ellen Barkin.

According to a report from E! News, the “White Collar” star is going to be stopping by specifically in the role of Drew, who happens to be Bryan’s ex-boyfriend. However, there is still more to this story than just that, as the reason the two broke up was pretty heart-wrenching  not only did Drew cheat on him, but with a woman.

Even though this is a pretty serious and devastating reason for a split, we still have a feeling that producers for the show are not going to make this too horrendously serious by any stretch of the imagination. After all, if there is one thing that this show has excelled with as of late, it is managing to combine a story that is part humor and also part heart. Let’s just hope that the option is here for Bomer to return in the future if the interest is there. We already know one thing already: it certainly is on our end.

Are you excited to see what Bomer brings to this show, especially since half-hour comedies are somewhat new territory for him given some of his high-profile guest spots on “Chuck” and “Glee”?

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