The Bachelorette finale: Don’t expect reveal on the new Bachelor

HannahGoing into Monday night Tuesday night’s The Bachelorette on ABC, it’s understandable to be hoping for some sort of answer on who the next Bachelor is going to be. Unfortunately, you better be prepared for some disappointment at the same time.

If the past couple of seasons are indication, this week’s episodes won’t conclude with some sort of big reveal as to who the new lead will be. There have been times in the past where the new Bachelor ends up getting announced at the end of a Bachelorette finale and it’s understandable when it does — this is a high-rated show and there is a lot of momentum that goes along with that.

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However, there is also a lot of momentum that goes along with Bachelor in Paradise, as well. ABC is in a position now where this show has a loyal following of its own and they’re not so reliant on The Bachelorette solely for their summer TV audience. They can get a little more attention their way elsewhere and that is a wonderful thing.

Also, ABC recognizes in this era that there are candidates for The Bachelor who have not fully revealed themselves just yet. Coming out of Bachelor in Paradise, it’s possible that there are a few candidates who will emerge! While two of the leading candidates in Tyler Cameron and Peter Weber won’t be in Paradise, we know that Mike Johnson will be (though he is not a part of the original cast). Maybe being in Paradise helps Mike’s case, or maybe an underdog contender like John Paul Jones rises to the occasion and ends up being someone we want to root for in the weeks to come. (Yeah, we know that’s unlikely … but we love us some John Paul Jones.)

More than likely, the next star of The Bachelor is going to be revealed either during Bachelor in Paradise this season or on Good Morning America. We don’t get the impression anything is fully decided upon just yet.

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