‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 spoilers: Next week, it’s about the boys

You have to admire “Grey’s Anatomy” for trying something different, and for the first time ever next week, we are going to be seeing an episode that really is going to be completely about the men. There will be testosterone, drama, and hopefully some lighthearted moments to help to shake things up a little bit after what has clearly been a pretty dramatic first three episodes of the season.

As for what we do know about this episode thus far, it’s pretty simple: Kevin McKidd (Owen) is slated to direct, and it is going to be one that incorporates a little bit more humor than we’re accustomed to seeing from the season. Is this some sort of reflection of men trying to gloss over serious situations? We’re not really sure what Shonda Rhimes is trying to say about this yet, but we are excited about the prospect of seeing some different actors have opportunities to spend some time together compared to what we have seen from the show over the years. For example, get ready for some Derek and Owen bonding time!

Really, all of these men do have quite a bit to talk about at the moment when you think things over, whether it be Derek’s recent hand injury, the state of Owen and Christina, Webber sleeping with Jackson’s mother, Alex possibly finding an intern that he can really love, or Jackson and April starting to hook up again after she arrived back at Seattle Grace. As a matter of fact, we’re not sure there is a man at the moment at the hospital that does not have something interesting going on at this very moment.

What do you think about an episode that is all about the men?

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