Ink Master season 12 episode 8 video: Kelly Doty and Jime Litwalk return

Ink Master season 12 episode 6Coming up on Tuesday night’s Ink Master season 12 episode 8, the Paramount Network series is bringing back once more familiar faces. Who are we looking at this time around? Think along the lines of two color masters in Kelly Doty and Jime Litwalk!

It only makes some sense that these two artists are back in the competition for a challenge that is very much all about color. In the video sneak peek below, you can see how the two look to impact their teams almost right away. They give the teams a little bit of guidance in order to better ensure that they use as many colors as possible in what is a tricky Flash Challenge — creating an image using just primary colors and then ink caps. They’re using much of the same ink that artists often use in their own tattoos, with the twist here being that no one is actually tattooing.

The designs that the two teams create in this are both quite good, and they each seem to emphasize different things. For the men, they do a better job of showcasing contrast and bringing a lot of variety to the table. You can look at what they are doing here and be almost immediately impressed by it, largely it’s a smart way to make their colors stand out. Also, creating a lantern gives their image a powerful light source.

Yet, for the women they go with a dragonfly and ruby design that emphasizes, more so than anything, a variety of color. They’re working in this Flash Challenge from the vantage point of trying to mix as many colors as possible in order to create a wide array of shades. They want this to be an image that meets the challenge so wonderfully that it will be impossible to ignore. There may be a little less obvious contrast here, but there is so much color used throughout that it is a total feast for the eyes.

This is one of those Flash Challenges where the judges could go either way with their choice, but one thing feels apparent — it is going to dictate a lot since Skull Picks have shown themselves to be even more important than ever this season.

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