‘Grey’s Anatomy’ review: Callie and Arizona, Jackson and April try to recover

On Thursday night’s new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” we finally got to move forward a little bit from the plane crash … though not too much. There was still the matter of a settlement to be deal with, and no one was sure how to handle it the right way.

When it came to Callie, her major issue was just trying to find a way to even get Arizona talking again. After all, she was too busy being miserable over the loss of her leg to even bother handling anything else (except for firing her nurse). The scenes between these two were the most emotional of the entire episode, and it almost made us forget that there was a settlement being discussed at all.  Heck, we nearly forgot about Derek visiting the wreckage until he revealed at the end that he did not want to settle without ensuring that there was a way to make things right.

Now, let’s step away from this and turn to romance. If you love April and Jackson, you are probably still smiling after watching what happened here. The two characters finally reunited (at least in the same hospital) early this episode, and it looked as though they were really going to be spending the entirety of this week playing a game of keep-away from each other. How long did that last? About fifty minutes or so, and then at that point they were back to being all over each other.

Also, we did take some steps towards Alex and Jo getting together … though they were baby steps, to say the least. At first, he tried to stay away from her after Callie warned him about getting too close to another intern. The issue here was that she was not yet another intern, and she is going to make him work hard for him to get anything out of it. The only person working harder than these two was Owen, who was desperate to try and make things work with Cristina, even if she seemed more interested in keeping her distance at her new place of employment.

What did you think about this episode?

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