Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 9 review: When Smurf met Jed

Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 9Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 9 wasn’t the sort of jaw-dropper that we got the week before. There was no one killed off, and instead much of what we got was geared around setting the stage for what could be coming up next.

For Smurf, this included her paying a visit to someone who she is trying to keep away from the rest of her family in Jed. She doesn’t want anyone to know who he is, let alone where he’s located or what he does for a living. He operates his own farm and grows his own food, and it just so happens that he also sells a lot of guns. Smurf, dissatisfied with the last opportunity she had to buy weapons, decided to stop by and take a look at some of his cache instead. This is her putting the wheels in motion for what could be one of the biggest jobs of her life.

How do we know this? A lot of it has to do with the fact that she wants to be more directly involved. She wants to be involved in the action this time, which almost suggests that she’s more than fine with going down in a blaze of glory.

Is there more to Smurf and Jed than we know? It feels that way. All we know about him is that he’s Colin’s brother, he lives off the beaten path, and he comes across as abrasive, cruel, and determined to undermine everyone around him. Take, for example, him surprising Flashback Smurf while she’s in the bathroom and telling her that she deserves more than Colin. Smurf and Colin did leave Jed’s compound the next day, with her telling Colin along the way that she was pregnant. We just can’t imagine that we’ve seen the last of this guy, knowing that Joseph Morgan was cast as Jed in the flashbacks. Why would you cast an actor of that notoriety for just a one-episode part?

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Back around Oceanside, the other characters were dealing with their own messes. Take, for example, Deran trying to kill a cop in order to preserve both his and Adrian’s safety. He understands that things are going to spiral unless he can get this cop to stop breathing down his neck. The problem is that killing a cop is not the sort of thing that you go about doing easily. It takes timing, resources, and making sure you’ve got the right people on your side.

As for J, what in the world is he doing with Angela? Tonight, he lied to her and brought her to a place that was very familiar to her past — an old dealer was there and, to go along with that, he left her with some money. Maybe this is him testing to see if she’s really committed to being clean; or, maybe he thinks that she will go and overdose herself with the problem right in front of her. It could be a test, or a way to pull her away from Pope so she doesn’t have any influence on him. You do see Angela wandering around at the end of the episode alone, and it does look like she could be under the influence of something.

Finally, Craig and Renn now have a baby, with Renn insisting that it belongs to him. What will their future hold together? Is it going to be anything? It’s a lot for Craig to discover in a short period of time and just a few episodes beforehand, he was dealing with this idea of being out on the job with Frankie, wondering whether or not he’s getting screwed out of money.

CarterMatt Verdict

We would say that Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 9 is a lot about characters plotting to make a move, or at least seeing who is on their side. Smurf is planning something big, J is testing Angela, and Deran is trying to do what he can to cover both for himself and Adrian. There is no clear resolution to any of these stories as of yet, but here’s to hoping there will be more soon! We enjoyed this episode, but still wish that there was one or two more big reveals at the end.

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