Veronica Mars season 4 finale: Jason Dohring on shocking Logan moment

Veronica Mars season 4 debuted over the past few days on Hulu as a part of a major San Diego Comic-Con surprise. At first, this news was tremendous … but then everyone got around to the finale and what may very well be the most shocking television moment of the year.

Is Jason Dohring’s character of Logan really dead? It’s possible that he’s off somewhere in a coma or that magically, he found a way to make it through that in one piece. Maybe we’re just in denial, but regardless, the show’s cast and crew is moving forward as though the character is truly gone.

With that in mind, just take a look at what Dohring himself had to say in response to the finale via Entertainment Weekly:

“I was crushed for like three days … [Show creator Rob Thomas] said, ‘We’re going to shed the teenage drama aspect of the show. In an ideal world, I’d like to think [that] after building this relationship, maybe they’re right for each other so there’s not maybe a scenario where he can go off and be somewhere else where they don’t kind of keep coming together off and on. And Veronica does best as this underdog.’ And I think that at the end of the show, you really see her determination where she can pick herself up off the floor no matter what and continue and I think that that’s what the show is, so beautifully led by Kristen.”

So, moving forward, Veronica does continue to be this underdog … but would it have really been so bad if she wasn’t? A big part of the key question to wonder here is if it would’ve been better for Veronica Mars to end after four seasons with Veronica and Logan happy or if it’s better the show has a chance to continue now with him gone? We’ve already reported that there is an interest among Kristen Bell and Thomas in eventually doing more, but will the audience be anywhere close to what it once was with this finale? That’s something that we’ll have to wait and see for. Right now, we’re all collectively still in the early anger/rage part of things where it’s hard to feel good about anything that we’ve seen.

What did you think about the Veronica Mars season 4 finale?

Has your enthusiasm for watching the show been impaired at all by what happened with Jason? Be sure to share in the comments.

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