Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: The state of the plan (day 33)

Big Brother 21 CastTomorrow in the Big Brother 21 house, the Veto Ceremony will arrive and from there, we’ll get a chance to learn more of what the plan for the week has turned into.

Unfortunately, we do think that it could end up being a disappointment for a number of different people out there. While it seems like Christie may choose to not use her Diamond Power of Veto, Cliff could still nominate Bella as a replacement nominee. Why? He feels like his hands are tied. If she doesn’t use it, Cliff may be able to buy himself a couple of weeks in the game and as a result of that, it may be appealing enough for him to just do this rather than try to pull off some sort of epic betrayal on the word that he gives Christie.

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At this point, Cliff may feel like he has to make this deal (put Bella up so that Christie doesn’t have to use the power); if he tries to change the terms, Christie could always tell Jackson to nominate someone else, unlikely as that may be.

In the long-run, we do think Cliff nominating an Analyse and making a big move here is actually the best move. It could pick off a major number from that side and make it easier for all of the underdogs moving forward. Sure, it could end up meaning that the Six Shooters are all coming at him, but you play Big Brother to win! With the way the Diamond Power of Veto works, Cliff could technically nominate Christie if she doesn’t activate the power … which would be hilarious. It probably won’t happen, but it’d be hilarious.

For those who wonder why a Bella eviction is a slam-dunk if she gets nominated, it’s because it is hard to imagine Kat going against the Six Shooters … even though she is #7 over there in that group. The Kat/Jackson/Holly contingent is just an unfortunate one since they’re all connected outside of the game.

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