Is Suleka Mathew leaving Claws? Is Arlene Branch dead?

Claws - Artene Branch deadIs Suleka Mathew leaving Claws following season 3 episode 7, and is Arlene Branch dead? Based on tonight’s episode, that seems to be the case. We don’t know how in the world you can otherwise interpret some of what we saw tonight.

For most of the episode tonight, we assumed that some loose ends were going to be tied up involving many different characters. For starters, Dean seems to be warming to the idea of spending time with his sister again, and Arlene had arranged for a way to ensure that Ann would be protected after Ann’s brother spilled some scalding-hot tea during a gubernatorial debate. He outed Governor Patel for funneling money through Mac and Melba’s casino and as a result of that, the crosshairs were firmly on Ann as the source. Arlene had to scramble, but she’d figured out a way in order to do.

At the end of the hour, Arlene approached Mac and Melba for a deal — if they kept their books clean and left Ann alone, she would make sure that the police looked the other way. Yet, seconds after striking said deal the Professor (a part of the dangerous triad who is really running things behind the scenes) arrived and promptly slit Arlene’s throat. She’s dead. We don’t know how you can look at that moment and think of anything otherwise.

This news is going to be devastating to Quiet Ann given that the two had just agreed to get married. It’s a reminder that within the world of Claws almost no one gets to be happy. Technically, Desna still has Roller, but who knows how long that is going to last? Meanwhile, Jenna and Bryce’s relationship is chock full of issues and Virginia finds herself in the middle of Dean and EJ. We don’t know why the writers gotta make Quiet Ann suffer like this, given that she’s also pregnant and being a single mom comes with all sorts of challenges.

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While Mathew was not in every episode of Claws, we think that she made enough of her presence felt over the years for this to be a notable exit — she brought a lot to the show and more than that, she brought happiness to Ann. This one moment changes so much moving forward. It’s an assumption now that there is no deal to protect Ann and she is still in jeopardy. Meanwhile, it’s a reminder to Desna that she and everyone else in Palmetto are still small fish in a very big ocean and they’re not going to be able to do much to fend off the triad. Unless she thinks quickly, she could be finding herself in a pool of blood soon enough.

CarterMatt Verdict

Claws season 3 episode 7 is an installment not to be forgotten. It brought you one of the season’s biggest twists and a moment that’s gonna reverberate in the brains of many longtime fans of both the show and Quiet Ann. While we’re still not sure about Mac and Melba as villains, there’s still so much other great stuff — including Bryce thinking that his dreams of being an author are about to be true, only to realize that his work is playing well to an audience he did not expect in White Nationalists. Meanwhile, Kenneth is now a drug dealer with a fake name in an effort to get more cash coming in.

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