Beecham House episode 6 (finale) spoilers: What will John lose?

Beecham HouseWhat’s going to happen on Beecham House episode 6 tomorrow night? Given that this is the final episode of the season, it’s best to be prepared for waves of drama, chaos, and alternating hope and fear. The storytellers behind the scenes want to ensure that we are fully engrossed in what we have … and also that we may be interested in more down the road. While the future of the series may remain currently unclear, we still believe that there is a whole lot more story to tell and Beechan House has the opportunity to go in so many different directions moving forward.

For the time being, though, let’s just go ahead and share what we know is coming — the official Beecham House episode 6 synopsis. Note that there are some spoilers below if you want to remain in the dark about what’s coming:

John is thrown a lifeline by his surprise visitor but is warned to be patient. He knows he has been betrayed and spends the hours in his cell recalling events of the past few months to work out the identity of the betrayer. Armed with the truth about the diamond, Daniel and Margaret try to send a message to the Emperor. When Margaret sees Kalyan arrive in Delhi with Chandrika she senses an opportunity. Finally discovering the truth about John’s accomplice, the Emperor realises his reign must come to an end if his kingdom is to have a future and gives up the throne to Akbar. Samuel sees his plans lying in ruins and is forced to make a desperate escape. John makes an emotional return to Beecham house and is reunited with Margaret. But just as John seems finally set to achieve his dreams, he is about to lose the one thing he holds most dear in his life. He returns to discover, Ram Lal in a pool of blood. His house has been attacked but what has happened?

What happened at John’s home goes beyond just what happened to Ram Lal. There are also questions about August’s safety and what he is going to have to do in order to further ensure it. Having Margaret back around his home is a lovely step in the right direction for John, but it’s hard to celebrate that in the midst of so much larger chaos.

We want to see a Beecham House season 2; whether or not we get it will depend mostly on what we have in the finale and, beyond that, what ITV as a network decides.

What do you want to see on Beecham House episode 6?

To go along with that, how do you think that this story is going to conclude? Be sure to share in the comments, and remember to come back soon for other news. (Photo: ITV.)

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