Claws season 3 episode 7 preview: Is Dean going to die?

ClawsMoving into Claws season 3 episode 7, are we going to find out the specific endgame for Dean? Based on the promo below, that seems to be the case.

Through most of season 3 so far, one of the prevailing criticisms that we’ve had of the story is that it’s been a little unclear as to what exactly Mac and Melba are doing with Desna’s brother — especially after they already had her backing off of the casino plan. It felt like salt in the wound and the larger question that goes along with this is rather simple: Why? Why in the world would you try to make things worse for yourself when there’s no real reason to do that?

Well, the promo below seems to indicate that whatever Mac and Melba are planning for Harold Perrineau’s character is rather sinister and it’s something where he may just be a means to a greater end. Once he’s served out his purpose, he can be killed off and that can be the end of it. As you would imagine, that’s not the sort of thing that is going to make Desna or anyone else altogether thrilled … if she finds out about it in time.

Through much of the past couple of episodes, we’ve seen a real push and an attempt to protect Dean and make sure that he will be okay, but now there is an extra layer of stakes to all of that. It’s a race against time to prove to Dean that Mac and Melba aren’t really his new parents and they are just manipulating him. Because he’s so susceptible to their wiles, it makes the situation that much more impossible for everyone to navigate.

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