Is Veronica Mars renewed for season 5 at Hulu? The current status

Is Veronica Mars renewed for season 5 over at Hulu, and is there a good chance that it will be?

Let’s start this article off with the news, if you missed it, that season 4 is now available! The streaming service, in honor of the Comic-Con panel today, decided to go ahead and drop the episodes. That’s wonderful news, but it doesn’t do anything when it comes to answering the question at the heart of this article.

As of right now, there is no official word on a Veronica Mars season 5 — but, there’s interest and in this world, hope springs eternal. Kristen Bell has joked that she’ll continue playing this character until the show is more or less Murder, She Wrote and the majority of characters are already dead. She loves doing the show and so long as Rob Thomas continues to have new ideas, she’ll be there to keep making them happen. (Veronica Mars is the show that turned Bell into a household name long before any of the other stuff in her career did.)

So for now, we don’t know how you can have anything other than confidence that this world and these characters are going to return. The larger question here is one of timing. Kristen Bell has one more season of The Good Place to finish but after that, she may have a little bit more flexibility. We could see her coming back and doing this show once every two or three years, but we don’t know if this is the sort of show that will come back on an annual basis.

For now, just enjoy season 4 for what it is, and we’re sure that most of you will have the entirety of the run wrapped up within the span of just a few days. This is the sort of show that is so addictive that once you get on board with it, it’s really hard to stop watching … not that we would encourage you to do that.

Do you want to see a Veronica Mars season 5 renewal?

Are you also stoked that the entire season launched so much earlier than first expected? Be sure to share in the comments and remember to stick around — we’ll have some more news on the show before long.

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