Siren season 2 episode 15 promo: The quest for mermaid babies gets desperate

SirenWhat lies ahead on Siren season 2 episode 15? We’re two weeks out now from the end of the season and because of that, we’re seeing characters face a little bit of desperation.

For Ryn, that desperation is tied to whether or not she can continue on the mermaid race. She’s running out of options in order to reproduce and that is leading to the idea of IDF. Can you take a mermaid to a fertility clinic? Will something like that work? It’s at least something that will be attempted, as are a number of other things within what can be described as a last-ditch effort to preserve the future of mermaids. While the military isn’t being exactly honest with them, they do provide resources to help try and make more mermaids.

If you want to have some hope for whatever is coming, we’d say that the show’s tone is a clue. While Siren can be rather dark, there is still a message at its core about preserving the environment and trying to protect it. It’s because of this that we think the second season will conclude with at least some hope that Ryn can be successful in her quest and that mermaids have a future. If it’s not with her, then maybe it will end up being with someone else.

To go along with the preservation of mermaids, there’s another struggle at the heart of episode 15 in the preservation fo Ryn’s relationship with Ben and Maddie. It would be foolish to think that what she’s going through is not taking an emotional toll on the two of them and it may be manifesting itself at times in ways that the two of them are not even able to properly see right now. All of these characters are so caught up in the mission that it’s hard to identify self-care. It’s difficult to focus inward when you are spending so much time looking outward. The same goes for Helen, who has spent so much time this second half of the season dealing with the hybrid revelations and what happened to her parents that she has not had a good bit of time in order to process it.

No matter what happens in episode 15, one thing feels clear — we’re going to have an epic finale.

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