Big Brother 21 spoilers: Who returned from Camp Comeback?

Big BrotherWho returned from Camp Comeback into the Big Brother 21 game? Within this article, we’re going to discuss that very thing and more!

The first order of business is this: Learning who was evicted for sure between Cliff and Nicole — and by “evicted,” we mean mostly getting sent over to Camp Comeback where they will have a chance to compete in order to re-enter the game. For everyone who follows the live feeds, we know that Nicole is supposed to stick around and Cliff is supposed to go. Yet, that doesn’t mean that this is going to happen!

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Before the vote, the editors decided to give us a little bit of insight into what happened to cause some of the votes to flip among the Six Shooters alliance — the idea was to keep the flip away from Nick and Bella, who would not approve of the idea in any form.

The “eviction” vote

This was wacky — mostly in the form of Nicole’s speech, which alternated between being very awkward and rather endearing. Was the blindside successful? Yes! We had the moment, the entertainment, and the anxiety that was written all over Nick’s face on the other side of it. He realized that he’d been played and that he probably should’ve listened to Nicole in the first place. Well … them’s the brakes.

Who returned from Camp Comeback?

This was all about rolling balls down a path — the first two six wins. That’s it. This was incredibly lame as a competition to determine the player who is back in the game. Sure, it’s great to know who’s back in the game now, but couldn’t there be something more dramatic than this!

From the start, it was pretty clear that Cliff was good at this. From there, we wanted to see if someone else could come close to catching him. Who knew that Cliff would be so good at this? This is a bummer mostly in that we don’t think Cliff has any chance at winning the game. But, he’s back!

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