Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Last-minute campaigns (day 30)

Big Brother 21 CastToday in the Big Brother 21 house, we’re going to have a chance to see the latest eviction show! Yet, there are some questions that remain, including who is going to be sent out the door on the other side of it (at least to Camp Comeback) and whether or not they’ll be told.

For the time being, what we know is this: Nicole is sticking around. That’s been the consensus for days now among the Six Shooters and those six votes are the ones that are needed in order to stay put. What’s been a little bit more interesting is the decision that was made to keep the campaign under wraps. Wouldn’t it be valuable to tell Nicole that she’s for sure staying? That’s just not something that everyone in this group is willing to do.

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The danger that comes with the Six Shooters’ move tonight is that Christie, Tommy, Jack, Jackson, Holly, and Analyse are setting themselves up to be exposed. Nicole may be happy that she’s sticking around, but she may be surprised that nobody gave her a straight answer beforehand. That will be a reminder that she is not a part of their plans and is going to still want to make her own moves independently of anything else. The same goes for anyone else who learns about it at this point, since we’re so late in the process. (There are plans to inform Kat of the move to evict Cliff over Nicole mere minutes before the show.)

No matter who wins the next Head of Household, the odds are  be some great entertainment. If one of the Six Shooters goes after Nick and Bella, we’ll get it there. Meanwhile, we’re curious to see whoever returns from Camp Comeback and what they do. Since they don’t have anything to lose, why not take a shot at Jack or Jackson? In terms of comeuppance, that would be the most satisfying move; yet, nominating Christie and Tommy may be the most interesting game move. We know that Christie has her power, but she still needs to rely on the Veto winner for it to be useful to her game. The benefit to nominating Jack and Jackson is that Christie may opt to keep her power rather than using it on one of them.

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