‘The X Factor’ USA review: David Correy, Willie Jones, and Fox’s big blunder

Somewhere, at this very moment Fox executive Kevin Reilly may very well be getting chased down the street with pitchforks. First, they tell us that “The X Factor” is not going to be airing until at least 9:30 p.m. Eastern due to baseball; then, they decide to air it early anyway just for the heck of it. Then, they cut off the episode randomly to show “The Mindy Project” so they can get back to baseball. (We have a feeling one of the people chasing Reilly down is Simon Cowell.)

Our list of results is incomplete thanks to Fox’s complete and total butchery of their own show, but here are the acts that did make it through to the live shows.

The Overs (L.A. Reid)

David Correy – Our personal favorite of not just the group, but possibly even the whole competition. Yeah, the guy can sing, but he also has some serious swag about him (and we hate using that word unless the situation really means it). He’s a great singer with a cool, positive vibe, and he’s the one person from this group we could see in the finale.

Jason Brock – We like Jason’s tone a lot, but we’re also not sure at the moment what voters will see him, largely because we’re not sure he can do anything different that we haven’t seen on a reality show before.

Vino Alan – Love the tattoos, but we’re not sure about the pick here. We know that most of America hated her, but for that reason we would have loved to see Tara Simon come on in his place. You know she would have been bringing all sorts of crazy theatrics to the show, and you need something like that to keep people talking.

Tate Stevens – Tate’s a lock to at least last a few weeks. His voice is strong, and he’s going to have that country following right behind him. Is he dated by a good fifteen years? Yes, and that is why he probably will not win.

The teens (Britney Spears)

Diamond White – Clearly, she’s the star of this group, and a favorite to win this whole competition. Basically, we’ve never heard her sing a bad note. Ever.

Arin Ray – Does the guy have an unfair advantage thanks to being at the live shows before with inTENsity? Probably, but who said that this show is fair? The biggest issue we have with Arin is just that he’s not really that distinctive in an industry with so many similar singers.

Carly Rose Sonenclair – She still needs to change her name, since we almost always type “Carly Rae” by mistake. She is a fantastic singer, though, and that could still make her distinct.

Beatrice Miller – Unlike L.A. Reid, Britney made the right choice of Beatrice over someone in Reed Deming whose Justin Bieber hair does not make up for some shaky vocals. We don’t necessarily think she can win the competition, but there is some untapped potential here.

The Young Adults (Demi Lovato)

Jennel Garcia – Hooray! The young rocker is through, and she is thus going to bring an interesting dimension to the show that we haven’t quite seen on the show before.

Willie Jones – Before the show cut off, we also saw the young country star Willie make it through. We don’t know if he is going to last that long on the season, but there is no denying that he is charismatic as well as a nice guy.

What do you think of the lineup, and how mad are you at Fox right now? If you want to read some more news about the show’s new co-hosts, you can do so here.

Photo: Fox

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