The Bachelorette episode 10: Did Hannah Brown eliminate Luke Parker?

Luke ParkerTonight on The Bachelorette episode 10, we had windmills … and we also had Luke Parker getting told off in incredible fashion.

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It was the moment that The Bachelorette has been hyping up for the bulk of the season, one that involves Hannah Brown eliminating Luke after he questions her over her sex life. Luke is someone who follows a certain credo at this point in his life, and a big part of that includes him wanting to be conservative when it comes to sex.

If Luke wants to follow whatever lifestyle he wants to follow, honestly we have no issue with that at all. The part of this that is much more problematic is the part of this where Luke tries to reinforce some of his own opinions onto Hannah. She’s entitled to do whatever she wants to do with her sex life — this is her show, it’s her rules, and it is her own path to follow. Luke also should have been honest with his feelings on sex from the beginning rather than springing something on her after the fact that sent her jaw dropping down to the floor.

So why did Hannah keep Luke around so long in the first place? We think that a lot of it had to do with their shared views on religion and how she saw what she wanted to see. We do think that Luke had feeelings for her and may have even been “there for her” more than some of the other guys were. Just remember that being there for her doesn’t mean that you are right for her. Luke’s actions to the other men all season were a huge warning sign that almost everything had to be his way or the highway. If it wasn’t like that, it was going to be a massive problem.

Much of the dramatic moments that we saw tonight were ones that were already teased. Then, there’s also this — Luke wanting to pray over her which she was totally not down for.

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