Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony results, chaos (day 27)

Big BrotherThe Big Brother 21 Veto Ceremony took place today and if you love a good  dumpsterfire, the build-up to this happening was extraordinary. Even if the results were predictable, everything in advance of it was anything but.

Here’s some of what went down leading up to it — Christie started to get super-paranoid because of the way Nick was acting around her. She thought that there was some sort of crazy, diabolical plan in the works to have her be the replacement nominee and needed consolation about it. We do wonder if a part of this was a last-ditch effort to get Kat to not use the Veto. Why? If Kat opted to leave the nominations the same, Christie and the Six Shooters didn’t have to betray Nick and Bella this week … meaning that they could preserve the blindside a little while longer. Let’s be real — there is a lot of cowardice in how the Six Shooters are acting. They don’t want to be the ones held responsible for any move.

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So in the midst of Christie’s crazy paranoia, she went to Nick and the two hashed some of it out — but not before talking to Kat about not using it and dealing with some ensuing paranoia as a result of this. The final conclusion to all of this is that Kat did end up using the Veto and Nick put up Nicole (no surprise here), but he was upset about the idea of Christie distrusting him out of nowhere. There was a moment we wondered if Christie was going to use her Diamond Power of Veto, force Kat to nominate Bella, and then send Bella out of the game. That would’ve been wonderful to watch, but Christie wouldn’t do that without consulting with her allies.

Nicole should still stay, provided that the votes remain what they are. Cliff will have time to campaign, but there’s no real incentive for Christie and her group to want to keep someone who is openly targeting “the couples.” If Christie feels threatened by anyone, she wants to get them out — and she feels much more threatened by Cliff than she does Nicole.

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