The Rook episode 3 review: Myfanwy Thomas’ serious trust issues

The Rook

What did Myfanwy Thomas learn through The Rook episode 3 on Starz? The installment was another deep dive into her personal history and trauma … but also a reminder that you aren’t able to just piece together everything quickly.

Instead, what this episode showed us was the slow journey towards answers and some of what the Checquy may be doing in order to bring together answers within the first place. A part of it seems to have to do with transforming minds and doing what they can in order to “unlock” the true potential of some of the people they have under their metaphorical thumbs.

What The Rook does exceptionally well is offer you up opportunities to see how different characters move and operate within this world, and that includes the Gestalt. This episode had to be one of the best showcases that we’ve had for them through three episodes, mostly in terms of what they can do and when they first manifested it. It also may explain some of what is going on with Myfanwy, as well. It’s possible that the bridge incident was her truest manifestation of power and they are doing what they can at the Checquy to disguise and protect her.

Myfanwy did learn at the end of the episode one of her greatest discoveries yet — the cover-up when it comes to her history may be even larger and more vast than she ever quite imagined. This is something that will reverberate through every part of her mind and history. She’s going to discover more about who she was but through that, the revelations may be painful. Just consider some of what Peter said to her during that interrogation — everyone may be responsible for what happened. Now, Peter has corroborated some of what Old Myfanwy told her, as well — she can’t trust anyone around her.

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What Monica is up to

In this episode, we saw the character do whatever she can in order to ensure that she learned the truth about some of these super-powered individuals. She had a chance to visit some of these characters at an auction, beyond that, worked to get close to them to see some of what they are doing in terms of extractions.

What did we learn about Monica tonight? She is determined to get some answers, but she’s also intent on resolving some personal dilemmas of her own. She wants to make sure that she succeeds — and also comes to terms with the weird way in which the Checquy works. She doesn’t love the fact that Myfanwy can just come and go as she pleases.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Rook episode 3 delivered a story that was chock full of drama and, beyond that, one that gave us a little more insight into Myfanwy’s own painful past. There were also many fantastic moments featuring the Gestalt, including them getting ready for work all at the same time. This show is pushing imagination and raising more questions left and right. Take, for example, whether or not Myfanwy can trust Gestalt.

While it’s dense and a little hard to wrap your head around at times, The Rook is delivering one of TV’s most-compelling mysteries.

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