Lucifer season 5 theories: How should the series finale end?

LuciferLucifer season 5 is set to be the final one for the series, and the writers have already said that they will make the most of this opportunity to give the show a proper ending. In this world of frequent cancellations (even on Netflix these days), it’s a gift and something worth cherishing.

Of course, there is also another question that still remains: What sort of ending are we going to have? How are the writers going to drop the eventual curtain? Within this piece, we’ve got three different thematic possibilities — consider this a good setup for the start of filming later this summer, which you can read more about here.

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A decisive conclusion – This is where all loose ends are tied up and this part of these characters’ lives are over. Maybe Lucifer and Chloe move forward together, but in a new phase and a different world than anything they experienced within the show. Or, maybe they stay at the LAPD but have no open cases and nothing else to resolve. You can just assume that they’re happy and that most of their major problems are in the past.

A tragic ending – Someone dies and we get a hold, harsh reminder that this is not a world where happy endings happen for characters all the time. We feel like we’ve seen enough sadness on this show, though, with what happened to Charlotte being a fine example of that. What’s the point of something like this? We firmly believe that the writers could justify whatever ending they choose to deliver, but we’d like personally something a little more optimistic.

As open ending – Does this mean a huge cliffhanger? Not necessarily, but it could just be something that hints at more cases and challenges to come in the future. Maybe Lucifer and Chloe are back on Earth and they realize that there is another crisis rising out of nowhere. Or, maybe they get the call for another murder case. The merit of this ending is that it makes it seem as though the future of these characters is not too different from the present and you can imagine them being off on more adventures. This does leave the door the most open for a revival, though we know the plan is for season 5 to be the end.

How do you think Lucifer season 5 should end?

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