Is Clark Gregg leaving Agents of SHIELD? Did May kill Sarge?

Agents of SHIELD - Clark GreggAgents of SHIELD season 6 episode 10 brought you an episode filled with action, and one that posed many a question on the state of the Shrike as well.

Going into the episode, we wondered whether or not we would have a chance to see Fitz and Simmons reunited with their old SHIELD-mates, and the good news there is that they were! Yet, it wasn’t altogether easy given that it took some of the team having to infiltrate the ship in order to happen.

There were struggles aplenty during this episode — some of them were physical, but a number of them were emotional. There was also an enormous sacrifice made in an effort to ensure the rescue — we saw Jacko take one for the team and die after being convinced by SHIELD of what he was actually fighting for. This didn’t mean going along with the ideals of Sarge. Clark Gregg’s new character is still alive, but he doesn’t have anywhere near the power that he once was. Yet, there were still question marks, including who Sarge was before he had some of the memories that he does — is he really Phil Coulson, after all?

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In terms of the action of this episode, the #1 takeaway is that SHIELD managed to score a temporary victory against Izel and also overtook Sarge and whatever hold that he was trying to have on everyone … but we knew full well that this was temporary. At the end of the episode, May arrived and shot Sarge repeatedly … but is that the end of this character? Judging from the preview for what’s next, it’s looking as though May doesn’t even remember it! (We haven’t heard that Clark Gregg is leaving, but we’re a little more worried after this.)

On a lighthearted note, this episode had plenty of them. Take Daisy and Mack having a nice conversation about a debrief and Deke actually getting to spend a good bit of time with his “Bobo” Fitz bragging about some of his past accomplishments.

On a more romantic note, wasn’t it nice to see that conversation between Mack and Yo-Yo? He claims that his feelings for her are a “distraction” from what he does day-to-day as the director … and all of this is really just code for him continuing to have feelings for him. Let’s not get anything twisted. The two of them kissed at the end of the episode, confirming that there absolutely is so much more here.

CarterMatt Verdict – is Clark Gregg leaving?

For those wondering, we don’t think that Clark is done with the show or Sarge just yet. with that being said, tonight’s fantastic episode does raise all sorts of questions about what is really going on here and if Izel somehow has found a way in which to properly control May. It’s another wrinkle in what is turning out to be one of the most interesting stories we’ve seen from the show yet.

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