Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 10 preview: Did May kill Sarge?

Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 10

What’s coming up on Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 10? We’re already getting a “your princess is in another castle” vibe from some of the information that is out there via ABC. Within this episode, entitled “Leap,” you’ll get a chance to behold this story on the other side of “Collision Course.” However, in the process of that you’ll see that what we’ve had with Izel and the Shrike is only the tip of the iceberg. The world isn’t any safer and there are many problems still ahead. Some are lurking underneath the surface and waiting to jump out and spook all of our heroes.

Below, CarterMatt has the official Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 10 synopsis with more news as to what’s coming up:

The party’s over, and now the team must trust each other in order to face impending doom and an enemy that’s closer than they think.

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Will we be dealing with variations of Izel/Shrike/other characters within this world through the rest of the season? It’s hard to imagine the series veering too far in another direction at this point in the season. The danger that Agents of SHIELD runs into if they change things up is that they don’t give themselves enough of an opportunity to tie up some of their loose ends. All indications at the moment are that Agents of SHIELD is going to offer a big twist leading into season 7, something that is going to change the world of the show forever. There’s already an extreme amount of hype for the new season and it’s not even going to premiere for many more months! It’s hard to imagine that it will look or feel the same as anything in season 6.

With that in mind, prepare to see the story of the Shrike, Sarge, and so much more either come to an end or twist dramatically before the season comes to a close; there’s just no reason to think the end will be immediate.

Of course, we do want to say that we don’t think Sarge is fully gone — we also don’t think that May pulled the trigger on him, as it appeared at the end of the episode. These things can get complicated!

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