Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Who has the Diamond Power of Veto?

Big BrotherBig news for everyone wondering about the Whactivity winner and the power within Big Brother 21 today — The Diamond Power of Veto is back!

So, who has the power? We thought originally that it could be Jessica based on reactions in the house and how Jessica herself kept changing her story about whether or not she won it. Yet, mere minutes later it was revealed that the winner actually is … Christie. She’s got the ability now to remove someone from the block at any of the next four Veto Ceremonies, and she has the power to activate it anonymously. That’s a huge power and especially the anonymous part of it. That allows her to operate in secret and ensure that she can get away with whatever she wants to do.

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There is one clear benefit to this — Christie could nominate at some point over the next several weeks without any enormous consequences to it. If she wants to target Jack, this is a chance in order to properly go through with that. We just don’t foresee her doing that this week since it’s reasonably early and Camp Comeback is still a thing. We could see her doing it, but maybe not until a little bit closer to the end of this power being useful.

Of course, here is the clear downside to Christie having the power. It is ANOTHER thing that the Gre8ful alliance has going for it. This is the problem with Big Brother sometimes — if a lot of best competition players are all in the same alliance, that allows them to find a way to steamroll the rest of the season. It’s easy now for Christie to be able to take out any person outside of Gr8ful of her choosing, given that she will have so many numbers on her side if the situation calls for it. This isn’t ideal — let’s just put things that way on the other side of this challenge.

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