Designated Survivor season 4: Who could be Kirkman’s biggest threat?

Before we continue this Designated Survivor season 4 update, let’s kick things off with a reminder: There is no official renewal yet at Netflix. We’re hoping one will come but even still, there are no guarantees!

What we want to do within this article is quite simple, and that is lay the course for who Kirkman’s biggest threat is next. Who should we best the most afraid of as viewers? We know that he’s won the election … but we also know that there is a great cost that goes along with that victory. There are those who will want to destroy him, or at least force him to resign. Here are some of the people to watch out for the most.

Cornelius Moss – He already made it clear at the end of this past episode that the last thing that he has any intention of doing is going away. Because of that, it’s fair to draw the assumption that he will be back in some shape or form moving into season 4 to wreck more havoc over how Kirkman worked the waning moments of the election in his favor. Moss is going to want revenge.

Emily Rhodes – It doesn’t feel like she would fully turn on Tom in a public way, but we could see her very well being away from his new administration. Much of season 4 could be about the fear of her saying something and what Kirkman and company want to do as a result of that to ensure that she doesn’t remain as angry with him over abandoning his personal moral code.

Congress – Let’s face it — Congress and the executive branch are often at odds and this season could feature that once more. don’t be surprised if we see most of this season features a legislative battle between Tom and some people within Congress and the Senate.

Tom Kirkman himself – You’ve all probably heard the phrase that someone can be their own worst enemy — with Kirkman, that’s almost always going to be the case since he’s got so much responsibility and can also make mistakes that cause him everything.

Some new, international terrorist threat – That is certainly going to be the most obvious road for the show to go down, mostly because it’s a road that almost any political show goes down at one point or another.

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