‘Downton Abbey’ season 3 spoilers: First episode 6 photos!

Want to take another look into the future of “Downton Abbey”? Luckily, we have some brand-new photos designed to do just that. This is once again going to be a pivotal episode of the series, and it is going to begin with a pretty dark situation unfolding at the Abbey: Cora’s refusal to allow Robert into her bed over what unfolded when it comes to their daughter Sybil.

Althoughthe promo gives some greater insight on just what is going on with these two characters, you really don’t need to watch it. After all, this photo really does a great job at highlighting the discord between the two. While Cora seems to be staring blankly into space, you can see the desperation written all over Robert’s expression to be allowed back into bed with his wife. It’s rather sad, and a reflection that nothing will ever be the same between the two.

Speaking of desperation, one of the other new photos that we have to show off from Sunday’s episode features Bates doing something that Bates really has no business at all doing: getting up close and personal with someone inside of his prison. Remember: this is a guy who needs to be on his best behavior if he wants to be released, especially now that Anna has concocted a plan to help to make him a free man if she can get the right testimony first. At this point, Brendan Coyle’s character really is his own worst enemy, even if he feels the need to play the “tough” card in the dangerous environment that he is in.

What do you think about these two images, and the stories that they suggest are on the way? Stay tuned, as we will have more photo previews moving forward throughout the week.

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