Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 3 premiere: Watch the opening now!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation filmingJersey Shore Family Vacation season 3 is premiering on MTV tonight and this time around, the producers are getting a bit artsy with their edit. Rather than just be linear in its storytelling, it begins with a flash-forward to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino heading to court, where he will be sentenced in the long-discussed tax evasion case. We know already that Mike is serving prison time right now, but at the time in which the show is set he didn’t know for sure that he would be going to prison.

Because of this, the opening minutes of the premiere are about him coming up with some sort of contingency plan. He and Lauren (or Laurens, as Mike still calls her) would like to do an overseas wedding ceremony, but if he cannot leave the country, they have to find a way to come up with something a little more local. She’s being supportive of him and for Mike, that appreciation and understanding is all that he could ever hope for. She’s going through a tough time with him and we’re sure that some of this is even tougher now.

The good news is hearing that Mike has been sober for over two years at the start of the season, meaning that he is well on the way with his recovery and after seeing everything he’s gone through, we couldn’t be happier about it.

As for what else is in here, you get a few updates on some of the women. Snooki announces that she is working to open a store entitled The Snooki Shop — which, for those wondering, is located in Madison, New Jersey. She’s been excited to do something in a retail space for a while and this is a chance to have her dream come true. Deena is getting set to welcome her baby and things even appear to be going well in Angelina’s life with her engagement to Chris. That’s what makes things even harder for JWoww, as she is going through a divorce from Roger. She wants to be happy for her castmates and everything going on with them, and that’s why she seems to be taking the approach of trying not to say too much about anything that’s going on. She doesn’t want to ruin any big moments for them (including Deena getting an ultrasound), and we also imagine that she doesn’t want to air out her dirty laundry in such a public forum. She may be a public figure, but that doesn’t mean every single part of her life has to be and with something as crushing as a divorce it’s something she likely doesn’t want to have to talk about every moment when she’s trying to move on.

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