Big Brother 21 episode 7 review: A Veto, strategy, and Sam’s ‘Pop’

Big Brother 21

As many of you Big Brother 21 readers out there know, we mostly focus our coverage with the live feeds in mind. Because of that, it’s rather weird to sit back and watch these episodes with old footage at the center of it.

So, entering tonight’s episode, we knew that Sam would not be using the Power of Veto. What we were more curious about is why he felt the need to win it … and we’re not sure that the episode made that any clearer. A part of it seems to be just that he wanted to do what he could in order to secure his own safety and, to a certain extent, we get that; yet, he wasn’t a perceived target. It’s nice to have power, but not so much too much power. Maybe he really wanted to go to Fiji.

We did get a nice light in here shined on the bond between Jackson and Jessica, and that gives more insight into why Jess chose him to play in the Veto in the first place. It’s also a reminder that Jackson is a much better social player than Jack is; Jessica likes him and even Kemi doesn’t have anywhere near as much virtriol towards him.

Sam’s decision to not use the Veto looks a little bit strange knowing what we do from the live feeds now, but he thought in the moment like it would ruffle a lot of feathers and he was right. We’re rooting for the underdogs but still, it’s foolish for someone to paint the world’s biggest target on their back when there is no reason why they have to do that.

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What else did we learn?

For starters, that David is paying close attention to everything that is going on around him at all times. He was able in the Diary Room to figure out where most of the players were in terms of their allegiances. He’s perceptive and we think he’d be an interesting re-entry to the game.

Sam’s emotional loss

We knew entering tonight that Sam lost his Pop (it’s actually his wife’s grandfather, but the two were extremely close), but kudos to Big Brother for giving him an opportunity to tribute him and explain what he meant to him. We also do think that Sam dealing with this loss is causing him to think more in terms of how to make it to the end — he’s not there for the metaphorical summer camp theme. Instead, he’s there for the prize and he will do what he can in order to make it there.

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