Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Is the vote actually flipping? (day 22)

Sam Smith

Never say never in the world of Big Brother … right? Well, early this afternoon we saw the beginnings of a plan emerging to actually keep Kemi in the game!

Let’s preface all of this by saying that there’s no guarantee that it will work, but there’s at least discussions about possible numbers and a way to shake this game up that gives the underdog players a little bit more power. Earlier this morning, the plan was to still evict Jessica — even with a new alliance forming between Christie, Tommy, Nick, Bella, and Sam. Yet, those five people have zero issues with Kemi and have considered keeping her in the past; they shot down the idea last night, but that’s changed a little bit today. Christie feels like she’s at the bottom of the Six Shooters (herself, Tommy, Jack, Analyse, Jackson, and Holly), and this could be a way to keep someone who will go after Jack in the future. Kemi’s a competitor!

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As of right now, Sam, Nick, Bella, Nicole, and Christie all seem to be on board with keeping Kemi in the game, and presumably Tommy would make it six and then Cliff would jump over if that’s the majority. (We think he’d rather have Kemi in the game but doesn’t want to rock the boat for it.) Tommy is the real unknown in this plan since he isn’t a fan of taking big risks; if he doesn’t want to do it, we feel like Christie will end up voting however he wants to. If Christie and Tommy are both out, the group runs out of options.

Sam did a very impressive job mere minutes ago of also laying the groundwork to Jack that keeping Kemi is a good move because Jessica is more openly targeting the guys. Sam’s the person to credit if this plan goes into fruition, and it shows that he took the time and listened to what Bella told him about Gr8ful last night. He doesn’t want to do that alliance’s dirty work.

While Sam didn’t need to tell Jack about the possible plan, we do think there’s value in it — Jack slipped up and mentioned Gr8ful to his face before correcting himself and saying “the nine.” If this blows up on Sam, he may be targeted earlier then he had hoped — but what’s the difference between going home next or going home in ninth place, other than sitting around in jury?

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