‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5: Words from the fallen

Before we start getting deep into this article, a warning: if you have not yet watched Tuesday night’s new episode of “Sons of Anarchy,” it’s really a good idea that you stop reading now if you want to remain unspoiled for a little while longer.

As for everyone else, let’s dive in to what are some pretty interesting words courtesy of the latest actor to leave the show thanks to their character biting the dust. There’s no question that Wanda De Jesus’ character of Carla had a pretty rough time over the past few weeks. First, she got into a rather nasty fight with the likes of Gemma and Tara at around the same time as Opie’s funeral; and then, her emotional struggle peaked on Tuesday night when she chose to take her own life rather than deal with the continued presence of Gemma around Nero. This was an early exit for what we felt was a great character, but speaking to TVLine after the fact, De Jesus says that she is ultimately satisfied with the way in which her character said goodbye:

“What I love that Kurt did for Carla — even though she went out a bloody mess — is that no matter what was said about her, he gave this character the power of choice. She made a choice. That was my attraction to the show: Kurt writes strong women… Carla looked this life in the eye, didn’t like what she saw and made a choice… Carla saw that there was no hope with this person that she loved so much… For her, it was Nero’s defense of Gemma, jumping out of bed, standing in front of the gun and actually hitting his chest where he had his surgery, that [helped her] make the choice. She loves him so much, she made the f–ing choice. ‘I’ll make it easy for you, I’m out.’”

So where does Gemma go from here? Although there is one less obstacle between her and Nero, we also think that she could have her hands full for at least one more episode with Joel McHale’s character of Warren, a con man determined to cause a little bit of trouble.

What do you think about the way Carla exited the show?

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