‘Sons of Anarchy’ review: It’s a small world, after all

Last week on “Sons of Anarchy,” we really started to see Jax and SAMCRO start to move forward following the loss of one of their own; and this time around, we really saw their new plans start to take a little bit more shape.

What did some of this entail? Let’s just say one of the most brutal sequences ever as we saw Jax try and take revenge for Opie’s death by brutally beating not just one of the men responsible, but having Tig take down a certain woman close to him (which seems to be unfortunately a rather sad tradition for him these days). The only thing more depressing than watching all of this go down was seeing how much Damon Pope has SAMCRO on a leash, and is almost in some ways using Jax’s paranoia about him somehow being behind the break-ins against him.

So who really is the guilty party when it comes to these happenings? It’s none other than our old friend Clay, who emerged this week really for the first time all season to prove that he can still be the crazy person that we have come to know and love from him over the years. The only thing better than knowing this is not knowing why exactly he decided to pull the trigger and return to Crazytown to begin with.

Before we wrap things up here, we have to mention what a crazy week Gemma had here. At first, she started things off by having to witness Carla’s demise in a nasty scene with Nero, which really just showed how messed-up the world of romance can be on this show. If there was ever something that really reflected the Shakespearean themes present in this show, this was it. From here, Gemma’s story wasn’t over, though, as the episode ended with her meeting Joel McHale’s character of Warren for the first time at (where else?) the bar. Dear Warren: there’s nothing good that can come from this. Nothing.

What did you think about this week’s episode?

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