Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: The Whacktivity winner spills the beans

Christie MurphyIt’s almost funny in a way. The very night that it’s revealed on Big Brother 21 that Jack won the whacktivity competition, he also just so happens to tell someone in the house about it. So, who did he choose? Ironically, someone who was briefly contemplating wanting him out of the house last week. We’re talking here about Christie.

Trying to see where Jack’s head is at in the Big Brother 21 game is not always that easy. It does seem as though he’s really close to Jackson, and he obviously has a strong physical connection with Analyse. (The less we say about that, the better.) However, he has an emotional bond with Christie that’s a little bit different than almost anything else that he has in the house. He believes that there is this deep layer of trust and a spiritual connection there, and that’s probably why he chose to spill the beans to her. Not only that, but he was extremely honest about what exactly the chaos power does and when he can use it up to. He also, hilariously, mentioned that his power was not anywhere near as effective as Ovi’s. What makes this so funny is that goes a direct contrast with what he said in the diary room tonight.

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After telling Christy about the power, she responded by saying that it is actually a little bit bigger than Jack is making it out to be. It does have a certain degree of weight. In the event that Jack is about to be backdoored, maybe he can use it in order to play in a veto competition when he would not otherwise be drawn. Meanwhile, he could also use it in order to ensure that he had the right people competing if he wanted to backdoor someone else. It’s not anywhere near as powerful as the nightmare power, but it could be useful in the right situation. In the end, it’s really all about who wins The veto. It doesn’t really do anything to help with that.

Beyond telling Christy about the power, jack of course had a long talk about his feelings and wondered whether or not it was right for him to be able to Analyse. With that being said, Christie encouraged to go ahead and go for it since she doesn’t want to stand in the way of his showmance. Christie probably thinks that this benefits her just because she wants to have him to be taken down a peg eventually. Him having a larger target is probably good for her game in the end.

As of right now, it doesn’t seem as though there is any change with the Veto leading into the ceremony tomorrow. Sam is probably still is not using it, and from there, the real drama will begin.

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