Fear the Walking Dead season 5: How Sherry should return

Fear the Walking DeadIs there a way in which we could see Sherry pop back up within the world of Fear the Walking Dead? After tonight’s episode, it is understandable to have doubts. Within this episode, we had a chance to learn via a letter John Dorie found that Sherry wants Dwight to stop looking for her and find something else to be happy. She doesn’t want misery for him, but it does not seem as though she wants a future with him at this point. She wants the search to come to an end.

Yet, there is nothing that is driving Dwight more than this search. He is desperate to locate her and it has been his primary motivating factor, both good and bad. We say this like this because we’re consciously aware that everyone should have something more to fight for than just one other person. It’s dangerous to put all of your eggs in an individual basket, which is probably the reason why John hasn’t passed along the message to Dwight just yet. He is, rather understandably, concerned about what is going to happen in the event that Dwight learns some of the truth. He could completely fall to pieces or take his own life.

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While keeping a secret is never a good thing, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if John tried to hide this letter’s content from dwight as long as possible. Through his time with the group, after all, he could find himself more of a purpose and understand something within his life beyond just the woman that he’s loved and lost. This could enable him to see a different horizon so that if this news ever came out, it wouldn’t hurt him as bad.

There is value in seeing Sherry pop up on Fear the Walking Dead again; however, if that happens, it should be at the moment where Dwight has accepted his life more for what it is. That will add so much more to the reunion and make it all the meatier than it probably would have been otherwise. It’s where he is in the driver’s seat more rather than just following her every whim and movement.

If the reunion happens, it should be with Sherry finding him rather than the other way around — and, it should be in the second half of the season. We’re too close to it at the moment for it to have the impact that it would otherwise.

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