Beecham House episode 4 review: John Beecham’s secret revealed

Beecham House episode 4

Entering Beecham House episode 4, there has been an enormous secret stored away within the head of John Beecham — what happened to him within the East India Company, and also the truth behind baby August. After Violet caught Chandrika sneaking into Beecham’s room late at night, rumors started to spread that perhaps she was the mother of the baby.

John had a secret to keep, and he was so desperate to keep it that he was willing to store away big secrets somewhere within his brain. At the end of the episode, he gathered together most of the people he loved in order to tell that secret. After leaving the company, he traveled around India in order to see much of the country and fall in love with it. At one point, he found himself shot and bleeding out, only to eventually find himself saved soon afterward. He was a hero to a small group of people and as a result of it, he learned that he had actually saved some local royalty. He also had managed to inject himself into a powerful battle between one man and his brother.

Chandrika was in many ways responsible for nursing him back to health after what happened. He was concerned about being a burden to her family; instead, we actually saw John become a part of the family. This was a love story — a predictable one, but a love story nonetheless. John and August were sent away largely as a means of ensuring the youngster’s protection, as the royal’s brother would come and do something terrible if there was another male heir out there younger than him, ready and willing to cause trouble.

Here is where things become all the more tragic — John’s wife was shot and killed by those interested in destroying the baby. Chandrika was the baby’s Aunt. What John had said previously was the truth, but he just hadn’t wanted to expand on the story so that he could better ensure that his own family was okay. August is presumed dead in the eyes of many and it has to remain that way. The baby is in hiding and for Chandrika, she has to keep the information that she also knows.

CarterMatt Verdict

We spent the first half of the episode concerned over the future of Margaret and John together, as she threatened to depart unless she knew the truth. Yet, through the second half of the story we understood just how deep this story went and how much John wanted nothing more than to be there for his son and make sure that there was a road paved here for the future.

While there may have been a cathartic element to this episode, there is now danger that comes with John revealing the truth. He has to trust that everyone around him, including a departing Daniel (much to the despair of Chanchal), is going to keep some of the information that he has. The central twist when it comes to August was a little predictable, but we gotta admit that the epic nature of the story and John’s secret only adds to the sense of power and romance at the heart of Beecham House. The entire story is so much clearer, and we hope that this leads into more powerful stories from here.

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