American Princess finale airing Sunday night on Lifetime; what to expect

American Princess

Can you believe that the American Princess finale is coming onto Lifetime tomorrow night? It’s hard to, mostly because it really does feel like this season just started! Consider this a function of the network airing back-to-back episodes over the past several weeks, a decision we don’t love (at all) since it makes it that much harder that viewers are going to find it.

We could make much of this article us doing our best to issue a royal decree about how Lifetime should be giving this show more time to breathe rather than making it super-difficult for viewers to watch it live, but we imagine that we’ll be doing that more tomorrow as we talk more about the long-term future. Let’s just say that, at least for now, this final episode (which is airing past 11:00 p.m. Eastern time, after episode 9) is being billed as a “season” finale. Lifetime isn’t committed to the idea of saying it’s the end of the road just yet.

If you missed it, we already previewed episode 9 over at the link here — let’s just say that it revolves around one of the worst nightmares of anyone working at a Renaissance Faire — trying to handle a corporate gig, which is almost surely full of people who really don’t care to be there and are just trying to be as annoying as humanly possible.

Now, let’s set the stage for what’s coming up within episode 10:

Amanda and David discuss plans for the future; Brian and Juan Andres help Maggie tape another audition; Delilah deals with the end of the faire season by honoring a dearly departed friend; the Rennies close out the faire season with a bang.

Given that this episode signals the end of faire season, that does give us at least a sense there will be some closure to the season 1 arc. In our mind, the best finales are those that offer up some closure, while at the same time leaving the door open for something more. If we’re getting that with the end of American Princess season 1, we can at least leave the story happy with what the writers and producers did … even if we’re not anywhere near as stoked about the scheduling.

What do you want to see when it comes to the American Princess finale on Lifetime? Be sure to share in the comments below! (Photo: Lifetime.)

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