Stranger Things 4: How long will Netflix wait on renewal?

Stranger Things 2We understand fully that Stranger Things season 3 just came out yesterday, but that’s not going to stop people from thinking about a season 4. As a matter of fact, the Stranger Things 4 buzz is already taking over certain corners of the internet. With the way in which season 3 ended, with a tease that has raised many a question about the future of a supposedly-deceased character, we think the best thing Netflix is going to do is remind people that there’s going to be more coming in the future.

So why are we saying remind, given the fact that technically Netflix hasn’t renewed the show at all? It’s because there’s long been discussion about a season 4 coming to pass. It’s been the subject of past interviews, and it’s even been suggested in one way or another that season 4 could end up being the final one. That’s still not confirmed, though, and we wouldn’t make any assumptions about that.

What we would make an assumption about, however, is that Netflix is not going to want to wait very long to give Stranger Things 4 a green light. They know just how popular this show is, and beyond all of that, they have to know that this is taking over much of the Fourth of July weekend so far. The vast majority of entertainment-related articles have been about Stranger Things, and that’s why it was so smart to premiere it when they did. Sure, a lot of people are off doing other things on the 4th of July, but with the viewership structure of Netflix, people can really watch it whenever they want. If that means fitting in a couple of episodes in between barbecue or late at night, so be it.

We definitely know that a number of people out there have already made their way through the entire batch of season 3 episodes. Because of this (i.e. the insatiable nature of the average viewer), we feel like Netflix is going to announce a Stranger Things 4 some point over the next month. It could come a good bit earlier than that, so we would keep our eyes peeled for an official announcement. The earlier the renewal, the more Netflix is signaling that they know how big this show is and they understand that there’s no reason keeping people waiting.

If you missed it, be sure to visit the link here for more on the surprise exit and the season 3 finale and what that could mean for the show’s future.

Do you want to see a Stranger Things 4 renewal happen sooner rather than later?

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