Blue Bloods season 10: Three characters who need more airtime

Blue Bloods season 10

As we get closer to the Blue Bloods season 10 premiere, what characters are deserving of a little bit more love? That’s the focus of this story, as we take a look at some underrated people who shine at every single turn.

At its core, Blue Bloods is an ensemble show — there’s no one character who dominates in terms of airtime and it’s because of that we get chances to meet and see some other faces beyond Danny, Jamie, Erin, and Frank. Of course, we as viewers tend to be an insatiable bunch! Once we see a little bit of someone, we find ourselves automatically inclined to want a little bit more … especially for the three people we’ve listed off below.

Henry – Even though he is featured every week at family dinner, that doesn’t mean that there is still nothing to be explored when it comes to this character. Why not tap more into his history at the NYPD, or why not give us some other exciting stuff when it comes to his social life away from the family? We got a small taste of it near the end of this past season but really, it feels like there’s so much more that the writers could have done week in and week out.

Baker – We love Baker. She’s long been one of the show’s unsung heroes and when the writers give her good material, it also comes across as personal and real. It was great getting to see her husband — or even knowing that she had one! It’s the mystery element of her that makes her so exciting. We know that she’s essential to Frank’s work and we know that she’s incredibly smart, but there are still so many more things that we don’t know about the character. Allow us more opportunities to see her life and what makes her tick.

Baez – She is Danny’s partner and we do see a good bit of her story alongside him; yet, at the same exact time we don’t get all that much personal insight on her. This could be a chance now to see some of her cases have more of a personal spin — or, to give us a chance in order to work more with some of the other characters. It would be nice to see Baez alongside the likes of Erin, Frank, or some of the other characters who make up the ensemble. the more variety we get with these characters, after all, the better off the overall series will be!

What do you want to see when it comes to Blue Bloods season 10?

Beyond just that, what characters do you want to see get more airtime? Be sure to share in the comments and come back soon for more news.

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