‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: The new villains speak out!

Although we are still unsure as to whether or not they are the only villains on this season of “Dexter,” there is no denying at the moment that Ukrainian mob boss Isaac (Ray Stevenson) and George (Jason Gedrick) are very bad dudes. They’ve been involved in the show’s story from the beginning courtesy of a case all around a gentleman’s club, and things are about to get far worse than ever now that Dexter has more or less implicated himself as the killer of Viktor, one of Isaac’s close friends who was responsible for taking the life of one of the dancers.

In a new behind-the-scenes video released by Showtime below, you can see for the first time Stevenson and Gedrick talking about the joy that they had taking on these roles, and just about how secretive the filming process has been for them in comparison to some other shows. There is also a tiny bit of new footage in this video, though we cannot fully say that it is anything that will make you salivate. Really, it feels like a similar sort of communication you would expect from Dexter now that Isaac knows what he has been up to.

What is a bit more intriguing here is the simple fact that we are only three episodes in to the season, and Isaac is already on to our killer. This seems like a little bit too early for “Dexter” standards, and that does lead us to believe that while the case involving the mob here is going to play an important role this season, it’s not going to be the only story that unfolds. As a matter of fact, we more than expect someone, whether it be the man from last week, Hannah McKay, or someone else (possible even LaGuerta hunting the Bay Harbor Butcher down) to emerge as a new villain by the time the season nears the home stretch. We hope so, mostly because we are having a hard time really caring about Isaac on the same level as the Ice Truck Killer, Trinity, or even Miguel Prado.

Do you think there is an additional villain reveal still to come? If you want to watch a preview for episode 4, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: Showtime

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