The Blacklist season 7 spotlight: What’s next for Harold Cooper?

Harold CooperAs we get closer to The Blacklist season 7, the questions are only going to increase for many characters. What happens to Reddington after his capture from Katarina Rostova, and how does Liz Keen find out about where he is? There are so many different things that do need to be resolved, and that brings us over to the subject of this week’s edition of our ongoing CarterMatt Blacklist spotlight series: Harold Cooper.

What we’ve come to know about Cooper in the span of the show’s run is that he is a passionate man who cares about his job and figures is very good at getting justice. Yet, he also finds himself constantly in tough positions. He’s been influenced by Reddington at times and he’s crossed the line in order to get the job done. Just on this past season, he had to defy direct orders from Anna McMahon in order to make sure that he could protect the Task Force from an uncertain end.

So, after all that Cooper has been through, where does the story go from here? Let’s go ahead and share some suggestions.

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Will we learn more about Cooper’s background beyond what we have? We know that Harold was involved in many different operations before he ever landed his position, and we do still think that there are some venues to explore. (Take his time in Kuwait.) We wouldn’t even mind learning more about why he wanted to get this position in the first place.

How does he lead the Task Force from here? No question it’s a difficult job, but he is just coming off of an operation exposing the President — one that should save his job if nothing else. He’s going to have an opportunity to move forward with the team, but will there be more oversight? Is he going to be able to do what he needs to?

Is there going to be a new threat within the FBI? We’d like to see Cooper do what he can to protect the Task Force from threats within the Bureau, including someone who may just want his job and are desperate to use some of his past against him. What we’re getting at here is that we’d like to see more of Cooper and Reddington actually working together. How far will Harold go to keep his job until the Blacklist is completed?

What is Harold’s endgame? Let’s say that the operation with Reddington is completed. What will that look like for Harold? What will his future be? There is still a lot of room to explore that and navigate into some interesting directions. We don’t think Cooper is a saint, but we do think that he’s tried to move forward with the best of intentions and he deserves a chance to have some sort of happiness.

More of Cooper out in the field – He just needs more time working alongside the agents, especially with Samar gone from the team. He has his limitations in this department, but we think his presence means more tactical thinking on missions. The Task Force can’t always out-muscle; they need at times to out-think. Harry Lennix’s character is exceptional in the latter department.

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What do you want to see from Harold Cooper on The Blacklist season 7? Be sure to share in the comments and come back soon for some other news. (Photo: NBC.)

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