Elementary season 7 episode 7 review: Spycraft, safes, and cats

ElementaryFrom the moment you heard the title of Elementary season 7 episode 7 (“From Russia with Drugs”), you probably had a sense that this was going to be a different sort of story than any of the ones that you’ve had a chance to see.

So what did we get here? Well, this was a murder case, but it was also one that involved synthesized drugs, cash out of a safe, spies, and a dead man being blamed for a murder. Also, what we got, in the end, was a woman who really thought that she was going to get away with a crime even though she made so many obvious mistakes. Take, for example, taking a lot of money out of a bank account … and also owning a cat who managed to spread their hair all over the place. (Consider this a reminder — if you want to be a criminal, it’s probably not a good idea to also be a cat owner in the process when you can spread it all over the place.)

If you wanted more of a follow-up on what happened with the NSA and Odin Reichenbach tonight, you probably were disappointed. There wasn’t a whole lot of insight into the long-term plot, but for an episode airing on the Fourth of July (which will probably pull lower ratings), we get it. It was better for the show to focus on what it did.

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Why did one of Gregson’s top detectives want to leave?

Consider this a case of Elementary taking on a subject that was a little more current: Wrongful treatment in the workplace. This detective claimed that she was leaving the force and he was confused as to why she would want to do that. Gregson was infuriated about his replacement Captain Dwyer and what could have happened during his time away. Dwyer had a history of inappropriate comments and he was concerned that it was leading to her departure.

As Gregson investigated, it turned out that he was correct and there were some inappropriate comments that came out from the detective’s recent vacation. She did still end up leaving despite Gregson’s support (she was excited for the other job), but with his encouragement, she decided to speak out about what happened rather than leave.

CarterMatt Verdict – Elementary season 7 episode 7

Insofar as giving you more clues for the long-term story, maybe you came out of “From Russia with Drugs” feeling disappointed. If you were fine with just getting a solid hour of television with some topical ties to the world today, it delivered. It may be one of the best personal stories that we’ve seen for Gregson separate from the team. It was nice for Aidan Quinn to have some good material after spending the first part of the season sitting in a hospital bed.

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