Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Jackson scolded by production

Jackson MichieFor the second time this season, a Big Brother 21 houseguest has found them in the crosshairs of production over something that they said. On the first occasion, it was Jack. This time, it was Jackson.

Just a mere matter of minutes ago, Jackson came out of the Diary Room looking sullen over something that happened. He was consoled by both Christie and then Kathryn, and noted that he didn’t want to talk about what was going on. He did, however, make it clear that there was some sort of discussion about at least one comment made on the live feeds. He doesn’t want to talk about it further since it brings more attention to it. Our feeling is that this is in reference to him suggesting that he wants to “mule kick” David in the teeth overnight.

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What we’re seeing in general on this Big Brother season is a slight tightening of the screws when it comes to controversial comments. While no one is being booted over them so far, it seems like there is a special emphasis being put on violent rhetoric or expressions that condone physical violence or could come across as threatening. This is similar in that way to Jack’s apparent comments towards Kemi, which also led to him being warned by production.

Jackson is taking the discussion worse than Jack did — as a matter of fact, Jack for some awful reason is now just acting like he was quoting some comments made by Sam last season and that fans will “understand” what he was doing. (Quick note: That’s not at all how it came across.)

After the fact, Holly tried to rationalize the situation by saying that Jackson is letting David’s return get to his head. That may be true, but David really isn’t doing anything to him and nor is David even an active player. He’s just a part of the house at the moment because of the twist.

Beyond the Jackson incident, it’s a quiet afternoon in the house with most people trying to relax. Jackson did try to split away from Kat earlier via a discussion with her, and we hope that this leads to her being able to go off and form some sort of other bonds elsewhere. It would be kinda funny if she ended up becoming some sort of actual player after being the Victoria of the season in the early going.

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