The Bachelorette promo: Is Peter showing off pilot skills to Hannah B?

HannahWhat’s coming on Monday’s hometown-dates episode of The Bachelorette? The preview following Monday’s new episode didn’t offer up a whole lot of insight and we understand why — it’s easier for them to pour all of their promotional energy into the Luke nonsense since it’s what everyone is talking about (though we wish that there was some more variety).

Hopefully, the promo below (tweeted by Hannah Brown herself) helps to change that. In this preview, you get small glimpses into a number of the different dates and some of the fun/difficult moments that take place. With Peter, for example, it looks as though Hannah is actually in the air with him! Is he flying her around, or are they just passengers? They got on the headsets but we don’t have a whole lot else when it comes to tangible evidence of what’s going on there.

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Some of the other footage is obvious but still appreciated like Jed serenading Hannah on his guitar (again). Meanwhile, you’ve also got Luke’s family telling Hannah a little bit more about him, perhaps offering up the realest window that we’ve had into the most controversial contestant of the season. You also have one of the mothers express a lot of uncertainty about Hannah, which makes sense — they don’t know her! All they know is that she is a reality TV star who is dating three other men alongside their son and that is a lot to take in. We don’t think that we’ve seen as much of parents freaking out on hometown dates as we should have over the years; there are probably a number of people scared to look bad on TV and that makes them a tad tentative in terms of what they want to present of themselves. When the cameras are off, maybe that’s when they have more of their freakout.

Based on the synopsis that was released a little bit earlier this week, there’s also this — the most dramatic rose ceremony of the season. Maybe it actually lives up to that. You get a small tease of it at the end of the preview, but not enough to give you a sense of what happens.

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