Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Ovi’s big Whacktivity swing (day 15)

Ovi KabirYou gotta give Ovi credit — the guy just doesn’t quit. He fought hard overnight in the Big Brother 21 house and did all he could to try and save his game. He just couldn’t come up with a mechanism in which for it to happen.

There were so many different attempts, starting with him doing more straight-up campaigning to various people. The crummy thing is that because of “production” (their excuse), a lot of the players were not able to tell him that he was for sure going home. Yet, Nicole still found a way to clue him in to the truth and that gave him a different perspective. It opened him up to the possibility that he needed to throw out the last thing that he had in his arsenal, and that was the Whacktivity – Nightmare power that he got earlier in the game.

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We agree with Ovi that this was a worthy last attempt to stay in the game; unfortunately, the problem comes via who he decided to tell. Ovi’s mistake from the start this season is choosing the wrong people; rather than go to players like Jessica or Kemi (who he could have swayed a little bit easier), he went over to Jackson and Jack proclaiming that he had the power. These two bros were inclined to keep him because of what he said, but they’re just bad players in their own right. They didn’t know how to handle the information and they went to tell Christie — who shot down the idea of wanting to keep him. Her thinking is that Ovi didn’t tell her about the power and therefore, he wouldn’t use it on her if the situation called for it. They tried to convince her otherwise and it didn’t work.

Given the way that information spreads in that house, we expect everyone will be familiar with Ovi’s power by the time the eviction happens tonight. It does feel like his game is done, but there is a twist coming tonight that could involve both him and David — the other, previously-eliminated houseguest. Let’s wait to see what happens there — for now, Ovi will be evicted. It’s unlikely that changes.

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