Big Brother 21 episode 4 review + what is the new twist?

Big Brother 21 Cast

There are a lot of different things to take away from Big Brother 21 episode 4, but one of the biggest ones is this: This show loves to do weird Power of Veto Competitions.

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Most of everything that we saw tonight was predictable/expected, including seeing Sam win the Power of Veto. The only surprise was learning that how terrible almost everyone was at this food-fight event. Almost nobody was able to catch the stuff that was flying at them. Sam won, but it almost felt like he won by default. Jack was the only other person who did anything close to impressive.

We still don’t know why Sam wanted to show that he was a competition threat in the game, but he was down to win and then celebrate his victory. He wanted to save Cliff, with the main reason being that he had been through enough after facing banishment almost right away.

Christie gets emotional after the fact

The episode tonight chronicled her struggles over putting Kemi as a replacement nominee. We think that are two different components to her decision — she felt bad about Kemi since she wasn’t targeting her and, beyond that, she felt like Jack was being a brute. Jack pushing for Kemi so much is one of the reasons why she didn’t want to do it. In a perfect world, Christie wanted the Veto to not be used, but she didn’t really have a whole lot of say and control in the matter.

CarterMatt Verdict

Christie being emotional proved itself to be compelling television, but these episodes are always the hardest to watch from a TV perspective since all of this content, save for the Veto, was on the feeds already. We do think that Ovi’s possible eviction here comes about as a result of some bad circumstances. He’s on the block because Christie changed her mind close to the last minute, Sam used the Veto when she would’ve preferred for it not to happen, his power wasn’t active, and he was an easy choice to get rid of. There were just a ton of things that led to this move happening that in another season, it’s hard to believe things would’ve happened the same exact way.

There’s a shocking twist coming up…

But what is it? It’s possible that it involves the evicted houseguests like David and whoever leaves tomorrow. We’ll see what it looks like, but we’re already excited to find out! It’s not the power from Whacktivity, since it sounded like a guarantee it will be brought up.

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