‘Survivor: Philippines’ preview: The Jeff Kent switcheroo

When we saw the first “next time on…” preview at the end of last week’s episode of “Survivor: Philippines,” it was pretty easy to jump to one conclusion: Jeff Kent’s knee must have been giving him some trouble, as Jeff Probst made a rare visit to camp and there was a doctor alongside him. (Wait, where’s Dr. Ramona?!) However, it’s not so much looking now as though this was the reason why he was there.

In reality, Jeff is at camp to try and assess the condition of one Dana Lambert, who has fallen ill and needs some sort of medical attention. The good news for her is that this doctor (who is new to us, and we can’t figure out whether we like him or not) says that she can continue in the competition if she wants to. The bad news? We’re not sure she wants to. If Dana quits the competition, it is a huge blow to her all-female alliance on the tribe, and it puts the men in a great position of power.

The only thing that could stop Jeff, Penner, and Carter? That Dawson knows who the former baseball star really is, and she may be taking advantage now of the opportunity to expose him, which she has been waiting to do all season. As we said in the rankings for the week, though, we really think it’s a little late as Penner and Carter may not care. Plus, this makes Jeff the perfect person to take to the end! Who’s going to give this guy more money?

Finally, there is a spoiler that you can see in the video below (which is why we don’t feel bad sharing it): Denise is sitting at the Kalabaw camp wearing a red buff. With that, it looks fair to assume that she is joining this tribe, and her other member of Matsing in Malcolm is heading over to Tandang.

Do you think Jeff’s secret coming out will hurt him, and do you think Dana potentially leaving ruins the rest of the Kalabaw ladies’ chances at winning here?

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