‘Supernatural’ season 8 spoilers: Misha Collins enters the hunt

Early on this season on “Supernatural,” we were starting to worry that Misha Collins was going to be a goner yet again from the show when Dean hinted that Castiel may not make it out of purgatory alive a little bit later this season. However, we are now learning that this may not be entirely the case.

So what is the good news here? According to Entertainment Weekly, we are going to see Cas again in the real world at some point this season as Sam and Dean continue in the present to try and lock demons out of this world forever. However, Collins explains that his role in their search for a certain word of God is not actually going to help the Winchesters out as much as they or probably he was hoping:

“I think that that’s sort of the pivotal object of the season, that’s what everyone is after from every realm … Cas is definitely involved in that process and caught in the crossfire.”

Sadly, this quote still does not really make it that hopeful that Cas is going to make it out of all this alive, but we are hopeful. After all, didn’t producers realize how sad it was seeing the guy gone for so much of the show’s seventh season? Plus, the ratings that the show is pulling on Wednesday nights suggest to us that there is room for getting Collins as a more permanent fixture now, at least if they can keep it up following the network’s latest hit in “Arrow.” It’s already been confirmed that he will be in at least eight episodes this season.

How much more of Castiel do you want to see this season, and do you think that in some way or another, he will end up dying (again) before things come to a head? If you want to watch a sneak peek for Wednesday’s episode, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: The CW

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