The Hills: New Beginnings episode 3 preview: Who’s being ‘controlled’?

New BeginningsLeading into The Hills: New Beginnings episode 3 next week, we’ve got a good sense of just what this show is going to be. We’ve seen Pratt vs. Pratt, Brody Jenner’s love of bubble baths, and also Mischa Barton telling off Perez Hilton, who insists that he wouldn’t be so hateful if he could go back in time to the early days of his blog.

So where do we go from here? What’s the focus of the show going to be? We don’t foresee The Hills: New Beginnings being that reality show that is delivering and regurgitating the same storyline time and time again. A lot of the stuff that is referenced in the promo (which CarterMatt has for you to check out below) for what’s next is different than anything that we’ve had a chance to see before. There is still so much that we’ve gotta catch up on! Take, for example, the relationship between Spencer Pratt and Brody Jenner — and then also the relationship between Caitlyn Jenner and Brody Jenner. While Caitlyn may not be an onscreen presence on this show, her impact is still very much there. Brody claims that he’d be much more inclined to drink if she was around, and then we get a separate comment from Spencer proclaiming that Brody is being “controlled.” He doesn’t specify who is doing said controlling, but we think you can read between some of the lines here and get the information you so seek.

On a separate note, what is going on with Justin Bobby and Stephanie Pratt — or is anything going on at all? It may be a tale of two different perspectives but given that this is The Hills, you better believe that it’s going to be eventful and turn a little crazy before it’s over.

The more things have changed for these people, the more they do stay the same — it’s shocking how true the old cliche is. These are people who, despite it being so many years removed, still struggle with some of the same stuff. There are issues of acceptance here and finding happiness — it’s a reminder that money doesn’t buy happiness, and neither does having fame or a hefty social-media account.

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