Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Future plans; Jack’s ‘conversation’ (day 13)

Jack MatthewsWe’re in the midst of a long afternoon in the Big Brother 21 house, one that kept the houseguests together for a good chunk of it because of an outdoor lockdown. There are still a few different conversations worth having, whether it be the plans for now and the future.

Let’s start things off, though, with a talk about Christie’s morality — this has been a key part of the narrative of this season as of late and there’s no reason to think that this will change. One of the only reasons why Kemi didn’t end up as the replacement nominee is because Christie felt bad, and she’s now feeling bad about Ovi, a big fan of this game, leaving the first HoH cycle (which he’s currently planned to). She recognizes that he wants to be there so much more than Kathryn does, but also feels like he’s far likelier to make it far in the game. (We balk at this idea, mostly because Kat could totally disappear because she is not a threat to anyone.) She’s having a hard time even looking Ovi in the eye, which should be a clue to him that his goose is somewhat cooked.

Christie isn’t wanting to change her mind on evicting Ovi yet, but you have to wonder if something different could be decided on later in the week. The problem is that even if Christie does want to do something different, there’s no real incentive anymore for anyone to follow her lead. No one is under any obligation to just do the HoH’s bidding now that she does not have any power.

Meanwhile, this afternoon Nicole and Bella also had a conversation about the Black Widows pact that was formed last night, which is the discussion of our morning live-feed update video from earlier. (After you watch, be sure to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube and view our official show playlist. We’ve got more live feed news all summer long!) It seems like they are game to go along with the women’s alliance for now, but understand that things could change in the future. Nicole, Bella, Jessica, and Kemi are the four women in this alliance, though Bella is probably the one with the most flexibility outside of it.

Finally, Jack seems to have been spoken to by production over some of his language in the house — he’s said a number of things that were disrespectful of his fellow houseguests, and more than that, include rhetoric that can come across as violent. Even if he’s just saying expressions and doesn’t intend to do anything physical to Kemi or anyone else, the perception is awful and it’s possible CBS wants to avoid many live-feed scandals this time.

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