Outlander season 5: Two worlds that the series should revisit

OutlanderMoving into Outlander season 5, the series’ overall sense of place is very much evident. We’re in North Carolina on the brink of the American Revolution and it’s fair to imagine that much of the story will be set here. It would take a lot of work, and a lot of travel, for some other places and time periods to be acknowledged now.

Yet, isn’t it still possible we’ll see another “world” within this show acknowledged again? Those who know the books understand that there are still more stories coming featuring some other people and places. With that in mind, we are not just stuck in this particular spot forever. There are other places the show could go and stories it could deliver; we just have to wait and see what the circumstances are that gets us there.

For the sake of this article, book spoilers aside, we want to highlight two different worlds that we absolutely do think are worth stopping by again before the series is over. (Originally, we thought about doing a list of characters we want to see again, but then we just realized that most of them were connected to particular places and time periods separate from where the Frasers are at the moment.)

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The present – Think about it — Claire, Roger, and Brianna all picked up and departed their lives, leaving a tremendous gap behind. There are probably some people out there questioning where they’ve gone and we think that any of them going back there would have a different perspective. We loved the Joe Abernathy character and would be delighted to see him. It would be fun to also see Bree’s roommate, but that’s not so much essential. Joe just had a unique connection to Claire given their circumstances on their way to becoming surgeons.

It’s possible that Roger and Bree could try to return to the present at some point, provided that Jemmy is capable of coming through the stones with them. It’s harder to see it with Claire, given that her life and heart are with Jamie.

Lallybroch – We know that there were a lot of disappointed people that Jenny wasn’t a part of Outlander season 4, and it was all due to Laura Donnelly being unable to return. She’s only getting busier with a new HBO role on The Nevers, but we’d still love to see it happen even for just an episode. There’s always going to be something sentimental about this place — plus, any opportunity to get Steven Cree back is welcome. Lallybroch is an important part of Jamie’s identity, in addition to being a place that offered up some element of peace at one point in Jamie and Claire’s lives.

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What worlds would you like to see back on Outlander season 5, or some other point?

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