Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Meet Black Widows, Six Shooters (day 13)

Jessica MilagrosIt’s the morning of Day 13 within the Big Brother 21 house and with the eviction plan cemented, some of these players are looking towards the future. That includes making alliances and forging what they want their upcoming plans to be.

Probably the most notable news to come out from the feeds overnight is the formation of the new group the Black Widows, which consists of Jessica, Nicole, Kemi, and Bella. The alliance was first given a name when Kemi was out of the room but she seems game with it. They’ve done a good job of planning out what some of their various ideas are, including making sure that they work in separate rooms and try their best to communicate at night. They’ve got some good plans, and even floated the idea of just picking off all of the men, one by one. This is something that Jessica has been all about for a little while, as she’s made it clear that she wants a women’s alliance to work within the game. As for whether or not it will, that’s a totally different issue. We know that there are some people into the idea of taking Jessica out already (see Jack or Jackson) — the one thing that may save her is that with Kemi still in the house, there’s going to be a higher-priority target for them in the early going.

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The Black Widows wasn’t the only alliance discussed last night, but there is also the Six Shooters — Jack, Jackson, Christie, Holly, Analyse, and Tommy. It’s basically the alliance of eight minus Nick and Bella, who were “kicked out” because they were too much in Kemi’s corner. (Nobody’s told them that they are out of the running.) Not everyone loves the Six Shooters alliance name, but we’re not sure how much creative control on alliance names matters in the end.

We’ll see if Ovi can muster any campaign over the next day or two — everyone, for now, is in the spirit of telling him whatever he wants to hear and/or giving him false hope. Yet, there haven’t been many serious conservations about keeping him when he is not in the room. That’s where things get problematic.

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